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sareia Provides Education To
Real Estate Investors In San Antonio

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Welcome to SAREIA

SAREIA provides education to investors, both beginners and experienced, to catapult their success in real estate investing.

We are progressively working on designing programs and resources for all levels of your real estate investing career. We know your needs are different and we want to help you in the best way we can. know more



Want to get involved and start your investing career? Come to our next event, learn about real estate investing, network with fellow investors and see what we are all about! First time gusts are free if you RSVP.



As a member you receive incredible benefits, free admission to our events, as well as the support and guidance from our world-class staff and other real estate professionals, all focused on helping you all succeed!



It’s the ugly, distressed and vacant properties that are the best investments. They are out there for the picking, but it takes hard work and a lot of research to find the right deals and how to choose the most profitable exit strategy.



Your time is valuable and we understand that. At SAREIA, our goal is to help all members advance in the real estate investing game as quickly as possible. We too, are real estate investors and always seek better and more efficient ways to make money in real estate. We are here to assist you and help you become successful.

New Investor Member

Are you new to real estate investing? Maybe a little confused on how or where to start? SAREIA wants to get you off to the fastest start possible and will offer a New Members Orientation monthly, giving you the basic fundamentals and terminology in all avenues from flipping to wholesaling, insuring that you build a comprehensive foundation. We know you have a lot of questions and may need a lot of help.

Experienced Investor Member

You have a few deals under your belt. Now it is more about increasing your profitability or making your day a little easier. How? SAREIA can assist you. We continue to provide experienced national speakers, educators and local activities for you. This approach will help you customize a better experience in your real estate investing.


Victor Maas is an active investor, closing deals weekly. He is an experienced real estate attorney, broker and, most importantly, a Problem Solver. With 12 years of experience in the San Antonio market there are few real estate problems that Victor hasn’t faced, making him a valuable partner and resource to any investor, regardless of their level of experience.

As the founder and president of SAREIA, Victor has made it his mission to educate new and experienced investors. His lead generation strategies bring in thousands of potential deals… but, there’s a problem… he can’t possibly pursue them alone, and that’s where you come in. With Victor’s training and mentorship, you will gain access to not only existing leads, but also the tools and knowledge to find them yourself. And that’s not even the best part. Victor wants to become a 50/50 partner with you, not only providing guidance along the way, but also fronting 100% of the cost to buy and repair the investment properties.